Monday, November 1, 2010

A Cowboy & A Ballerina

Last night we went to our church's Trunk & Treat.

Luke was a cowboy

Aubrey was a Ballerina/Princess

Evidently, cowboys & ballerinas don't mix well,
because this is the face I got every time
I tried to get a picture of them together.

We took the kids to a few trunks to get some treats.

Our friends, the Callahans, had the best themed trunk
Mary and her donkey in the stable
awaiting baby Jesus' arrival.

After the first few trunks, Luke & Aubrey were pretty much done, all they wanted to do was eat the candy.

Aubrey chowing down on some sweet tarts
Happy Halloween!


Mama Hen said...

They look cute and didn't Rachel look great? I loved her post.

Jaci Spain said...

They looked so cute!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the vote!! :) Your kids looked adorable - loved the outfits!!

Muthering Heights said...

They look adorable! :)