Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Splash Pad and a New Haircut

Last week our mom's group at church went
to the Splash Pad in Gardendale.

I love the Splash Pad and wish they had one
on our end of town!

Luke didn't so much "play" in the water as just stand around and watch everyone else having fun, and occasionally splash the water with his feet.
He didn't want to run through any of the squirting water or stand under the waterfalls, but I did catch him sticking his hand in the water
spraying from the giant watergun.

Aubrey was NOT a fan of the water, she much preferred sitting in the shade and playing with her toys.
From the look on her face,
I'd say she's not a fan of the summer heat either.
Playing on the playground

Since Luke is not able to go to the Splash Pad every day during Alabama's sweltering hot summers, we thought
it was time for a cool summer haircut.




No, the "racing stripes", as Daddy calls them, were not a mistake, Ryan said he had racing stripes as a kid
and wanted Luke to have them too.

I tried to remind Ryan that he grew up in the '80's when racing stripes were the latest & greatest fad, but I don't think they've been popular for at least two decades now.

Although I'd prefer Luke's hair a tad bit longer,
and I could do without the racing stripes,
I think Daddy did a great job!


annaclaire0408 said...

hopefully it'll grow out fast!

Rachel said...

LOL - Anna Claire is so tactful with her opinions!! :)

I hate we missed the splash pad, but the searing heat scared me away. Ali was like that last year - wouldn't get too involved in it. We ended up playing, wet, on the playground the whole time.


Muthering Heights said...

LOL, the 80's are coming back...maybe your husband is on to something!

Brent, Kerri, Mason, and Sadie said...

Ryan kills me! Tell him Kim would be impressed with his hair cutting skills...maybe not so impressed with his style, but he at least rocked the cut itself! Great job Ryan!