Friday, June 18, 2010

Flashback Friday

The highlights of our August 2008 trip to Houston to visit Uncle Andy, Aunt Holly, & Parker.

During this trip, Luke and Parker really started interacting with each other.

They were both learning so much and teaching each other their new tricks.

Parker had recently mastered the art of channel flipping

Luke was amazed at her skills

"See Luke, you have to hold the remote like this, point it at the TV and push these buttons."

They helped unload the dishwasher

They learned to give a cousin smooch

Since we were in Texas, Parker let Luke borrow her cowboy hat and taught him how to ride a horse

Texas is HOT, I thought Georgia and Alabama were bad, but they don't hold a candle to the Texas heat & humidity. So, we took the kids swimming for a break from the heat.

Parker goes to classes at the Little Gym every Saturday, and Luke was thrilled to get to tag along with her.
Luke always has a blast hanging out with Parker!


Cassie said...

Aww he was so little! I love that picture of them kissing!

Rachel said...

What fun pictures! I love the remote control ones. Hilarious!