Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Apparel of Christmases Past

Growing up with 3 sisters, my mom never missed
a chance to get us all dressed up in
matching and/or coordinating outfits.

Christmas, of course, was the holiday to go all out
with our matching attire.

Since I was an only child my first couple of Christmases, I had to have a prop to coordinate with.

The green phone adds so much to the picture,
don't you think?
For my sister, Anna's first Christmas, she was apparently too little to get all dressed up, so my mom chose nightgowns & caps for our Christmas photo.

Kind of 1980's Little House on the Prairie

The next year we moved from pajamas to
smocked dresses...I had the privilege of wearing
a full length smocked bib (forgive me I'm not up
on my smocking terminology).

Skip ahead a few years and there's 3 of us in our matching red and black plaid...not sure what happened to Anna's black bow tie.
You probably won't believe this, but my mom actually had a dressed that matched too, but I don't have
a copy of that picture :)

We didn't just match in our Sunday Best, we also had matching Christmas casual outfits.

By the time #4 came along I had outgrown all the matching clothes, so they stuck me in the back
to hide my semi-coordinating navy dress.

If we are ever blessed with another girl, you better believe she and Aubrey will be dressed in
matching and coordinating outfits!

I'd hate to end such a rich tradition.


Kathleen said...

did you have to share these pictures with the world??? haha :) Lets hope if Aubrey has a sister, they are dressed in cuter clothes!! What was mom thinking?? :)

Mama Hen said...

Four girls! How fun! I have to admit, I would want to dress you all up also.

Okay, could you and Luke look any more alike than the first picture of you? Amazing.

Anna said...

Christen, the one of me and you in our "smocked" dresses...wow we looks JUST like Luke & Aubrey right now CRAZY! And the one of me missing the black "bow tie" um I'm also in a pants outfit instead of a dress...!

Rachel said...

Oh wow. That full length smocked bib is by FAR my favorite!! :)